The Funeral Orchestra (TFO)
Slow doom music orchestra from Sweden.

Booking: Aftermath Music,

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The first steps were taken in 2001 under the name Necronaut and the first songs “Necronaut” and “We are the end” were written. The orchestra was officially started in 2002 under the current name The Funeral Orchestra and several priests have been involved with the orchestra over the years. The first official album “Feeding the Abyss” was released in 2003 by Aftermath Music (Norway). It was also the same year (2003) that the first live ritual took place in Gothenburg, Sweden. The clergy appeared in black robes with masks of gold. Rumbling distorted stringed instruments, percussionist playing standing up with drums of doom, and to this a screaming chanting voice.

During 2004, the orchestra began recording the sequel to the debut album with the working title “Necro Occult”. For various reasons, the recording session was never completed. Two of the songs “Opium de occulta” and “Pentagram Shock” were later released as raw-mix versions on the 7″ vinyl “ODO” by Aftermath Music (2008).
In 2010, the orchestra met quickly to complete another recording session, the result, a long opus entitled “Den Mörka Shamanens Glöd“. Released on the split 12” vinyl “The Northern Lights II” with Ocean Chief by Aftermath Music (2010).

The following years it has been difficult to summon the forces of the clergy. There have been attempts for new recordings over the years but nothing has been worth to continue with or release. Some may have heard an unfinished and unofficial recording under the name “Vomit Desolation” with 4-5 songs, it’s not meant to be an official recording/release.
Requests for live performances have been received but unfortunately it has not been possible to arrange. We’ll see what the future has in mind…